Why us ?

If you really want to make a difference - make it with WRMS.

WRMS is a self-motivated organization with capable and empowered Research Analysts and Project Managers to deliver superior business results. It's an rewarding atmosphere for those individuals with aspirations to be the very best in their career. Whether we are looking for a Analyst, a team manager or a center head, we actively seek and embrace one thing - diversity.

To be a part of an innovative organization that's combining cutting edge technology with industry-leading research capabilities to create something new. Enjoy the benefits of a fun, positive, and dynamic work environment that encourages creativity and rewards and recognition. Your efforts will be fully supported by our resources, guidance and support.

So if you have the drive and passion to excel, we have the right opportunities for you! To be a part of this dynamic and global business organization, email us at careers@wrms.co.in